Links –Brandon Li is one of the hottest young travel videographers working today, and with good reason. His pieces are always gorgeous, insightful, and beautifully edited. And, he does it all by himself with minimal gear. The blog has gone a little silent lately (he’s too busy actually making great work) but you can follow him on Facebook and we hope that he picks up blogging again soon.—A listing of blogs about video…great way to get a broad overview about who’s covering what. The headlines update with new posting, so you can pick and chose which blogs you want to read by checking their headlines.–Super talented, super charming, wildly popular Brit cameraman who is kind of like the video world’s version  of Joe McNally and Chase Jarvis rolled into one…that’s just how popular and influential he is. His films are gorgeous, his interview and on-camera skills are second to none.  Former newspaper shooter turned celebrity portraitist and advertising shooter, Brian knows Sony, and how to get the most out of any subject in front of his lens. Andrew Reid is a very acerbic, opinionated, and talented filmmaker with some great chops and great reviews. Another Brit, he pulls no punches and calls it the way he sees it. He’s got some very useful camera guidebooks, and seems to be especially fond of Panasonic. Emm of Cheesycam is the master of DYI projects who ferrets out and finds bargain priced gear that does the job  for a fraction of the price of the “name brand” gear. Extremely useful site for those of us on budgets, and those of us who like lightweight gear.   Dan Chung and his mainly Asia-based group of talented news cameramen review gear and post their favorite stories. Excellent resource, can get very geeky, equipment wise, but these guys do cutting edge work.    Talented Austrian, NYC-based fashion shooter Mike Kobal gives generously of his knowledge of shooting both stills and video. Mike does great tests, comes up with some clever problem solving rigs, and besides that, treats us to pictures and videos of some of the most beautiful women in the world. What’s not to like?   Michael Rosenblum is former CBS producer with a longterm vision of video’s future. His online school here (New York School of Video) offers courses in editing, lighting, shooting, etc, but for my money, his own lessons in story construction and visual storytelling are worth the price of the subscription. Part stand up routine, but all educational, I will never be able to hear the phrase, “A pirate walks into a bar, ” again without thinking of story structure and arc.   A former still shooter, Seattle-based McComb has gone into video in a big way, and has produced several Vimeo Staff Pick documentaries. A real stickler for good audio among other things, Dan shares his projects and his how-to recommendations on his blog.


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  1. Hey, Bob…

    That link for Michael Rosenblum is a dud. The url shown is correct — but as a link it just leads to a “buy this domain” offer.

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